Ageless Jennifer Aniston exceeds 50


Star of the popular series Friends Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 51st birthday yesterday. Looking at her, it would be hard to say she had swung over fifty. She looks really great for her age and could be envious of any twenty.


Jennifer Aniston (51) is still considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and sexy women. She became known to people through the series Friends, where she portrayed Rachel Green. This role brought her to the top, and since then Jennifer has been cast into top movies. At that time, Rachel Green became iconic, and women around the world were inspired. In almost every hairdresser, women had their hair cut.


Aniston has become popular with both audiences and filmmakers. She has made a number of great films, including the romantic comedy Just Go with It, where she starred alongside Adam Sandler, or the comedy We´re the Millers.


Beautiful actress celebrated yesterday’s 51st birthday. For her age, Jennifer looks absolutely splendid and in great shape. She could be envious of her character, so Aniston doesn’t have to worry about bolder models at all. Whenever he goes somewhere, everyone is amazed at how beautiful he looks.


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