Audio for Women

Never Forget

Male voice _ Touch feels smells tastes.

Tip Your Waitress (Part 01)

Female voice _ Dinner with the husband.

power games  – rough and hard – forced nudity 

Tip Your Waitress (Part 02)

Female voice _ Shame then that you, the perky and flirtatious waitress persist in making eyes at my husband.

Tip Your Waitress (Part 03)

Female voice _ And now . . . lick me. Make me come on your face.

We’re Horny, Let’s Fuck

Male voice _ Are you horny? I’m horny. Let’s just fuck.

House Sitting for My Sister

Male voice _ Thought I was alone but found my 19 year old niece in her room.

Fan Appreciation: Starbuxxx Girl

Male voice _ Bumped into a fan and had to show her my appreciation.

My Way

Male voice – Black cock _ Make tonight about me.

Get Home Right Now!

Male voice _ I don’t care what you’re doing. Get home now and serve me!

A Quick Suck and Fuck

Male voice _ Shut up! and take care of Daddy.

I’ll Be Your Driver For Today

Male voice _ I drove all this way… now show me your appreciation.

Where Are My Keys?

Male voice _ A good fuck for my car keys


Male audio _ What you need after an intense playtime.

The Visit 1

Male voice _ My girlfriend’s hot sister Meagan is in town.

The Visit 2

Male voice _ Last time my girlfriend’s sister nearly got me in trouble, now it is my turn.

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