Brutally honest Chrissy Teigen: In a revealed negligee she joked about her bust



Entertaining, spacious and not afraid to make fun of herself. This is how the former model and now more and more successful the ‘instagrammer’ Chrissy Teigen (34) could be described. Fans mainly enjoy writing what they think, even if it affects her and it’s not flattering.


From her figure she shoots in one piece and has no difficulty commenting on any part of her body. For the last post, photos in a bathrobe robe, for example, preventively told potential hater that she does not prick his fans and the cleavage of her nipple. “Unfortunately my nipples are much lower,” she joked.


It wouldn’t be the first time she had to deal with criticism. A storm was over the picture with her daughter, who commented on “taking a photo with my stylist” and shows her bust in her jacket again. Some users were indignant that this was inappropriate due to the presence of the little girl. “God, cover up, you have a baby there,” they wrote to her. The wife of the musician John Legend cut them off by saying that her daughter “sucked” it for months, so she doesn’t mind it.




Chrissy Teigen Jerk off Challenge


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