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Follow along Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn as the duo dives into the explicit details of their life in NYC. In their 20s, the two exploit the f*ck out of their crazy lives, making you feel a hell of a lot better about yours. Whether you want to finesse the f*ckboy, upgrade your dating profile, or learn how to give a mean blow job/eat p**** like a pro, they’ve got you covered. While their advice is rarely healthy, it works. Pay no mind to their high-pitched, valley girl voices. 5 minutes in and you will have forgotten all about it and be hooked. “I Am Unwell”

Prisoners of Azkaban


Floop’s Fooglies


Dear Side Hoe…


EPISODE 69 (ft. Chlamydia)


Nudes & The New York Post


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Girls on Porn Podcast

Girls on porn

“Girls on Porn” is a porn review podcast hosted by two erotic enthusiasts and all around horny gals, Laura and Rachel. Committed to helping you find hot + ethical porn, each week the girls research and review porn based on popular search terms.


Role Play

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Secretary with Jon Gabrus

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Passion with Betsy Kenney

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BBC with Andy Lucien

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Slut Sound Podcasts

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