Corpulent singer Lizzo (31) in bikini: She’s proud of her overflowing body!


The corpulent singer Lizzo (31) is not ashamed of her plump shapes. She is very proud of her plump figure, which she likes to demonstrate on the beaches.


Lizzo calmly undresses in a bikini so that her curves stand out as much as possible. She last walked herself in an orange swimsuit on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, where she was enjoying herself a relax.


Lizzo belongs to an increasing number of celebrities that call on others to love ourselves. She herself sets an example and represents women who do not have model measures but do not let them be limited.


However, not only experts point out that obesity can be associated with serious health problems and therefore it is not good to promote it. On the other hand, when Lizzo feels happy…


Zpěvačka je pyšná na své kypré tvary.


Lizzo se ukázala v plavkách.


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