Did she forget anything? Margot Robbie came out in a wide jacket, under which she took nothing


Actress Margot Robbie (29) promoted her new movie, where she played the character Harley Quinn again.


The Australian beauty dressed boldly at the event in Manhattan. Her jacket was buttoned at her waist, and she took nothing under it. Apparently she had a piece of clothing stuck to her body, otherwise she would quickly show her treasures.


Ewan McGregor, a colleague from the film, also appeared at the premiere and even put on two ponytails that are so typical of the character Margot plays.


Znovu si tak zahrála Harley Quinn, jejíž culíčky si vyzkoušel i herec Ewan McGregor.


Margot Robbie přišla na premiéru v odvážném modelu


Prsa měla naštěstí k saku přilepená.


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