Female Submissive

Cum Rag day 2

Female voice

Cum Rag day 3

Female voice

Control Me

Female voice

female masturbation – female orgasm audio – sex toy – pleading – beg – whimper – moaning

Listen as I’m being controlled via remote to an intense orgasm.

Get Cock – Hungry with Me!

Female voice

edging – begging – bisexual

Ice Cold

Female voice _ Pussably uses ice cubes on her most sensitive areas.

ice play – breast play – guided masturbation – nipples play


Female voice

guided masturbation – vibrator – panty gag – panties – nipple play 

Obeying You

Female voice

guided masturbation – edging – good girl

Daddy’s girl

Female voice _ A babygirl’s message to her Daddy.

New Toy

Female voice _ Big Daddy bought his little Vixy a new toy..

Sunday Drive

Female voice _ Come take a ride with me

public – finger fucking – car sex

I’m Your Dream Fuck…

Female voice _ Imagine your dream lover, your ideal slut…I’ll be her.

Please Sir

Female voice _ 1min of pleading


Female voice _ Rebekka’s Master takes another woman.

Voyeur – Mdom

Packing It In … 1941 Packard

Female voice _ The front seat of vintage Packard.

Lyla Christens the Ford 1

Female voice _ Sexual play in the backseat of a classic show car.

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