Female Submissive

Early Morning Orgasm 6 – part 1

Female voice

Early Morning Orgasm 6 – part 2

Female voice

Corona 1

Female voice _ Rebekka tells her Master a story.

Corona 2

Female voice

Cumming for my Master

Female voice _ She pleasures herself for His (and your!) ears.

Missing my Master

Female voice _ Submissive young woman needs to cum so badly.

Please, Sir?

Female voice _ She begs desperately to be used.

Coin Toss No. 01

Female voice – Rebekka _ Pleasure and pain awaits her at the toss of the coin.

Coin Toss No. 02

Female voice _ She tosses again: is it agony, or ecstasy?

Coin Toss No. 03

Female voice _ She is not permitted to masturbate unless she flips the coin.

Coin Toss No. 04

Female voice _ Her Master grants her permission to toss the coin.

Coin Toss No. 05

Female voice _ Permission has been granted to toss the coin.

Coin Toss No. 06

Female voice _ Her Master is away. She tosses the coin. Pleasure? Pain?

Coin Toss No. 07

Female voice _ An early morning coin toss. Will it be pleasure or pain?

Coin Toss No. 08

Female voice _ Oh, the pain she gives herself…

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