AJ Crosses a Boundary

Female voice _ AJ discovers her nephew isn’t away at school as planned.

Happy Birthday, Cum Slut

Male voice _ Daddy & Co. are going to push you to your limits.

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Claire Has Dessert with Her Daddy

Female voice _ Claire and her Daddy play with strawberries and cream

Claire, Daddy and David

Female voice _ Claire visits her Daddy and his neighbour.

Claire Phone Sex

Female voice _ Claire has phone sex with her Daddy and gets him to fuck her panties..

Red Riding Hood

Female voice _ Claire is Red Riding Hood for Daddy

Claire’s Daddy Fucks Her in the Ass

Female voice _ …and fucking her sweet asshole!

Bad Slut Gets Punished

Female voice _ A lesson in discipline for daddy’s slut.

Fuck My Ass, Daddy!

Female voice _ Slut begging her daddy.

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