Male Submissive

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 01

Female voice _ You volunteer to your boss’ sissy slut.

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 02

Female voice _ You were a good boy. Now you get to watch me touch myself.

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 03

Female voice _ Such a good boy. I need to train you to come upon command.

Just a Conversation

Female voice _ We chat about how you want to be dominated.

The Pet and the Princess Plug

Female voice _ You greet me naked and on your knees.

Xyta vs. Xyta

Male/Female voice _ Two sides of Xyta Midnyte (author) ‘discuss’ pleasure giving methods.

Tark’s Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 01

Male/Female voice _ Tark dominates her lovely pet. 

Tark’s Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 02

Male/Female voice _ Tarkie tantalizes her sexy Scottish boy toy


Male voice _ Young man takes orders well.

For My Mistress

Male voice _ Just a fantasy I played with.

Peter Punishes Himself for Mistress

Male/Female voices _ Naughty Peter spanks his ass red for Kira.

English Sub Boy Good Girl Bath Time

Male voice _ He parts your pussy so shower rains down on your clit.

English Sub Boy Mistress Adoration

Male voice _ Your scent, your womanhood; the power it has over him.

English Sub Boy is Milked

Male voice _ His Good Girl plays with his cock till it shoots cum.

English Sub Boy is Used Forcefully

Male voice _ He is your slut to take as you please.

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