Male Submissive

English Sub Boy & Sub Intensity

Male voice _ The intense need to be used by you Mistress.

English Sub Boy Returns To Your Feet

Male voice _ His sexual need to worship your feet reaches a climax.

English Sub Boy Room 114

Male voice _ Just you & him alone in hotel Room 114.

English Sub Boy Shares Your Bed

Male voice _ He is your mattress as you sleep with his cock inside you.

English Sub Boy & 69

Male voice _ He savours your pussy as your mouth clamps his cock.

English Sub Boy is Home Alone

Male voice _ He strips naked before you & becomes your fuck toy.

He’s Your Bar of Soap

Male voice _ He loves to journey all over your body, exploring you.

English Sub Boy & Bubble Bath

Male voice _ He enjoys using warm soapy water against your skin.

English Sub Boy & Seitak Rose

Male voice _ The rose creates deep arousal within him.

English Sub Boy & Mitten Massage

Male voice _ He uses cashmere mittens with rubber pods to massage you.

English Sub Boy Makes Love to You

Male voice _ Continuation of sub boy’s masturbation session with you.

English Sub Boy & Hairbrush Anal

Male voice _ Mistress uses hairbrush handle to penetrate sub boy.

English Sub Boy & Oral

Male voice _ Boy pleases Mistress with his tongue after being spanked.

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