Model Amber Rose tattooed her forehead! Why these two words?


Many mothers have the names of their offspring, often with the date of birth, immortalized in the skin – but few would commit to such a brutal act as the model Amber Rose (36).


Amber Rose, a controversial American model, has not owed her reputation as a scandalist and troublemaker, and has decided to add more to all of her tattoos. It has become literally unmistakable! Modeled by many other happy parents who tattooed the names or likenesses of her beloved offspring, she went to the extreme: The names of her sons Sebastian Thomas (6) and Slash Edwards (4 months) were written on the forehead in the form of “Bash Slash”.


The silicone well tunned model also revealed that she was supported by her current boyfriend, music producer Alexander Edwards (32), who is also the father of little Slash. On Fox TV, Amber said the recent tragic death of basketball player Kobe Bryant († 41) was the inspiration for this bold move. “I don’t want it to sound trivial, but Kobe’s death made me think about my life. Life is so short… If you want something, just do it. Live your life the best you can and don’t regret anything,” she stressed.


But on social networks, however, there was no understanding, many did not understand why she forever defiled her face. This is all the more so when the hair is definitely not covered by the tattoo as it wears a short hedgehog. Instead of taking some feedback on her heart, she decided to fight criticism with the only thing she can do: her slightly cheap vulgarity. Because she shared a spiked photo in a dressing gown with the text “beauty is not what is on the outside, it´s what´s on the inside that counts. Inside of my pussy and inside of my heart ”.


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