Nicki Minaj went to the carnival and shivered in a hellish sexy costume


On Sunday, Nicki Minaj (37) stirred up speculation about her pregnancy by sharing a video on Instagram where her husband Kenneth Petty strokes her tummy. The fans immediately went crazy, but so far there is no indication that the famous rapper was really pregnant.


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Then she went on vacation to the Caribbean, where she enjoyed the local festival in her native Trinidad. She showed the legendary curves in a sexy exotic costume and was certainly pleased not only the husband who accompanied her at the event. On Instagram she boasted pictures and videos from the event.



In September last year, Minaj announced that she was ending her career and was planning to start a family. But he still releases new music, so it’s probably not going to be so hot with retirement.


Nicki married with Petty in October, after a year of dating. Fans were particularly shocked by his criminal past. In addition to being registered as a sexual deviant, he has 12 jails. From this once for rape and one even for murder. ■



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