Office sex

Going Down

Female voice _ Stuck in this lift with nothing to do. Distract me? Please?

A Visit to Your Office

Female voice _ Things get rough when a naughty sub visits her dom at work.

Notice Me

Female voice _ Will you notice me at work today?

The Spanking Stories: Overtime

Male voice _ Marcia is caught trying to embezzle from her company.

Apt – Lickant

Male voice _ I apply for a position inside you—r organization.

Making You My Office Slut

Male voice _ You’re called into my office for inappropriate behaviour.

A Day at the Expo

Male voice _ Corporate events can be challenging in more ways than one.

A Visit From Head Office…

Female voice _ For some office head…

I Miss You

Male voice _ He needs to fuck you again. Soon.

Office Surprise

Female voice _ She surprises you with a little oral lovin’ in the office.

Late Night Fantasy

Male voice _ Fantasy about a coworker.

On The Job

Female voice _ For listening at work.

Step into My Office

Male voice _ He teaches the office slut a lesson.


Female voice _ Remembering fun times at work.

Pleasure at Work

Male voice _ He finds release unexpectedly.

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