Pamela Anderson’s husband: She took millions of me in 12 days! I’m a fool

Manžel sexbomby Pamely Andersonové: Za 12 dnů mě obrala o miliony! Jsem hlupák.

The love was said to last 30 years. But the marriage that she resulted in had contracted for only 12 days. And it still has a bitter aftertaste. Indeed, Pamela Anderson (52) and Jon Peters (74) are “interplaying” him through mutual media attacks.


A successful movie producer sent an e-mail to New York Post, in which the January silicone sex bomb had been put right. Apparently, the request for a hand came not from him, as Pamela claims, but from her. And by SMS. “When she wrote to me that she wanted to marry me, my dream came true. And I was betrothed at the time, the lady was even supposed to move to me, ”she surprised.


But because he said he loved Pamela for 30 years, he decided to do so. “I left everything for her, I greeted her with open arms full of love,” he confessed and go into the actress soon for her claim that the main reason for the collapse of the relationship was Peters’s manipulative behavior. “All she says is a lie. Manipulative? By that, does he mean that I paid her obligations? She owed $ 200,000, and I paid for it because she was broke. I completely equipped her wardrobe, ” he says.


“And instead of gratitude, I can wait to sway?” He relieved, and finally put ashes on his head: “The biggest fool is an old fool.” The other party returned fire, and the sex bomb said through her spokesperson: “These statements are not just made up, they are ridiculous.”


End via SMS


Both agreed at least that Peters had ended the relationship. And he chose the same form that Anderson had asked for her hand – an eshop. “The whole thing about marriage scared me. I realized that at my age I wanted a simple, peaceful life, not an international love affair. It will be better if we take a break from each other, ”Pamele wrote after nine days of the volume.


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