Oh, hot sci-fi stories. I really enjoy them.



♡ ♡ ♡

Artificial Intelligence – E.V.E.

Female voice _ Erotic Virtual Entity…it’s a long space mission…

E.V.E 2 Jupiter Orbital Insertion

Female voice _ Let the sentient AI E.V.E. help you with your J.O.I.

E.V.E 3 Voyage Home

Female voice _ Way for us to further explore our sexual attraction and love.

E.V.E 4 Holo Love

Female voice _ I can project myself into this holographic image and touch u.


Female voice _ The inner monologue of a sex doll.

Clones Pt. 01: First Order

Male voice _ Milf orders some male clones.

Clones Pt. 02: Special Order

Male voice _ MILF orders a special new clone.

Sandman’s Parallax Pt. 01

Male voice _ Sci-Fi Thriller – Window To The Soul.

Sandman’s Parallax Pt. 02

Male voice _ Sci-Fi Thriller – Elevator to Hell.

Sandman’s Parallax Pt. 03

Male voice _ Sci Fi Thriller – Say goodbye to your body.

Once Upon a Time Warp

Male voice _ An old-fashioned lass magically lands the man of her dreams.

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