Sexy singer with Kosovo roots is again devoted to music, but even in that she will not wear much


Singer Rita Ora (29) for a moment diverts from shooting campaigns as the face of several brands and releases a new single. And this includes a video and sexy costumes.


One of them showed on her instagram profile, where She´s for a few days keep attracting to her new song How To Be Lonely, written for her by Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi.




These two teamed up because, according to the video Rita shared on her account, Lewis found that this song didn’t go over his mouth and he found her to sing the hit.

“One of the most free feelings for me is performing and creating music. You all know that music has always been my first love, even though I’ve been working on other projects, so here’s something new. I’m so excited to introduce you my new song that I’m really proud of. I fell in love with working with Lewis on this single and it was fun. He is very talented, and as soon as he sent me the song, the lyrics grew to my heart.”


“This song tells of many moments in my life. About the times when I realized that we are all valuable personalities and that is something we should take care of and do not need the permission of others. Even if you are alone, remember that this is sufficient and you have the power to make your own decisions. Enjoy being yourself! ”■



Rita Ora Jerk off Challenge


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