Would you like to share your parner with somebody? If you had me, you could. Bcs Sharing is my wanting.



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Shared with My Husband’s Friends

Female vooice _ Autobiographical audio about being shared with other men.

A Bull Session

Female voice _ I tell you all about how my new bull fucked me.

Perks of Being the Boss

Female voice _ A husband lets the contractor use his wife.

Hot Wife Handles The Tip

Female voice _ A delivery guy gets help with the tip from a hot wife.

Red Sky

Male voice _ A loving wives story: he returns to find her with two men.


Female voice _ Husband and wife play in sauna with other couple.

Showing the Guys Your Girlfriend

Female voice _ You make a video of your girlfriend for the guys at work.

Sharing Sara

Female voice _ Mina meets Sara in Las Vegas for a mff threesome.

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