The Voice

Female voice _ Hot phone sex with an anonymous caller leads to more.

Against My Will

Female voice _ There’s someone waiting for me to close the store.

Plane to London

Female voice _ Asleep, sitting next to a stranger, I think he touched me.

His Flight to London

Male voice _ He helps her sleep then takes her pleasure in his hands.


Male voice _ A stranger enjoys watching you on the train.

Meeting Mary

Male voice _ A handyman’s accidental touch on her breast leads to more.

An Unexpected Massage

Male voice _ Her massage goes further than she expected.

Primal Urge

Female voice _ Oh, what I find when I’m not looking!

The Present

Couple sex voices _ She gets a present: a well-endowed stranger.

The Package

Male voice _ She submits to a mysterious masked stranger.

Looling in a Mirror

Male voice _ I am anonymous, a faceless form in the crowd.

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