Hey there, Did you try that? Or dream about? I do.



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Strangers at a Bar

Female voice _ I’ve been watching you. You’re so hot, I have to taste you.

Yin Yang Initiation

Male voice _ Black masculine white feminine in a club.

Please Stay The Night

Female voice _ You rescue me from an embarrassing situation.

The Guy at the Bar

Male voice _ What if I was the guy at the bar sitting across from you?

You And I Finally Meet

Male voice _ No longer able to deny our desire, you and I decide to meet.

The Woman On The Subway

Male voice _ I fantasize about the woman I met on the subway last week.


Male voice _ I enter your hotel room in the night while you’re sleeping.

In THe Library

Male voice _ I’m a professor. You’re a student.

We Join The Mile High Club

Male voice _ He makes your plane ride worthwhile.

The Mile High Club

Male voice _ We end up in the bathroom together on the plane

New Year’s Eve Stranger

Male voice _ We meet at a house party and ditch our dates to fuck.

The Club

Fermale voice _ Sex with a stranger in a dark nightclub.

Cooking Class

Male voice _ Cooking class leads to a sexy hook-up between two strangers.

Lea Nights Has a Private Moment

Female voice _ All my housemates are home, so I’ve got to be quiet!

Short Skirts and Quickies

Male voice _ An appetite whetted by a first meeting finally gets sated.

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