Aguilera dressed up in a duvet with a pillow: In this bizarre model, she showed her face without much makeup


Christina Aguilera (39) either reveals everything or packs up a model that covers her from head to toe.


In her last post on Instagram she showed just the second option. She wore a model of avant-garde brand Viktor & Rolf, which is actually a combination of duvet and pillow sewn as a dress. More or less the singer could lie down in the model and immediately fall asleep.


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Christina Aguilera in Victor and Rolf, Beverly Hills 2018

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A series of photos throughout the model is also accompanied by facial pictures on the pillow, where Christina has incredibly seductive expressions. The singer has a hairstyle in the style of Marilyn Monroe (✝36) and is much more gentle than we used to.



Zpěvačka se častěji ukazuje v odhalenějších modelech.


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