Demi Lovato showed herself to fans without makeup: You should know what I look like


Demi Lovato (27) may have had problems of self-confidence in the past, but those times have long passed. Recently, she has shared things on social networks that she would not have had the courage to do before. Such as a swimsuit image of her cellulite.


Now the singer published a selfie without makeup. She has already boasted an unpainted freckled face on Instagram in the past as a so-called Monday without makeup.



“I haven’t done it in ages. But I realized that I had recently shared a lot of perfect shots with tons of make-up on my face, and I thought it was important to show what’s under them, ”she wrote for selfie.


“This is how I look most of the time. I am proud of my freckles, my chin that looks like my ass, and proud to accept myself and love the way I am.”


Demi, who has been struggling for years with drug addiction, has recently been working on her mental health. ■



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