Masturbation Instructions

I love it and do it very often, sometimes too much maybe 🙂



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Fantasy for Now, Reality Someday

Female voice _ [Soft-Spoken][Teasing][Big Round Ass in Tight Clothes][Pull My Panties Down][I Know You Want to Fuck Me][Cum Inside Me][Cum on Me][Cum Anywhere You Want]

Creamy Soft Skin

Female voice _ [Whispers][I See How You Look at Me][Stroke for Me][Slow Teasing][Touch My Pale Skin]

Find Me in Your Dreams

Female voice _ [Seduction][Dream Lover][Slow and Relaxing][Sweet][Sensual] Not Quite A [Monologue] But Partly Like An Erotic [Reverie]

Breast Play

Female voice _ [Tit Fuck][Cum over Me][Countdown][JOI]

Moan for Me, With Her Next to You

Female voice _[Cheating][Intimate][Homewrecker Fantasy][Seduction][Sensual][Cum With Me]

The Succubus

Female voice guided masturbation.

Hour-Long Guided Masturbation

Female voice _ Guided masturbation audio for women.

Guided Mastubation

Female voice

Close Your Eyes

Male voice _ Guided masturbation. Just for you Women.


Are you excited about cuckold? I didn not try, but I really want.



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Introduction to My New Bull

Female voice _ I bring home a new bull to show you exactly how to fuck me.

Watch Him Fuck Me

Female voice

Where is My Money?

Male voice _ Give me my money or your wife!

The Stranger on the Nude Beach

Female voice _ Having fun at a nude beach.

Rising to the Top – Swim Coach

Female voice _ Coach shows off her talents for hubby’s potential new boss.

Newfound Sexy Power

Female voice _ Innocent wife unleashed, discovers primal world of sex.

My DP Fantasy

Female voice _ Your cock in me, her strap-on in me and her husband cuckold.

A Bull Session

Female voice _ I tell you all about how my new bull fucked me.

New Year’s Eve

Female voice

Craving More

Female voice _ I need something bigger than your tiny cock.

Better Than You

Female voice _ Watch this stranger fuck me good.

Plenty of Fish

Male voice _ MILF wants to cuckold.

Cumming in Last – Swim Coach

Female voice _ Coach explains to her husband why he cums after her team.

Cucked By My Tits

Female voice _ You’ll never be satisfied with your girlfriend’s tiny tits.

A Helping Hand – Swim Coach: Ace in the Hole

Female voice _ Coach finds herself ‘helping’ the boys at a Vegas Glory Hole.

Lesbian Incest

Mmm, who does not like mommy and daughter? If you…go away 😉



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Hello Mommy

Naughtiness ensues daughter catches mom in a compromising position.

Lesbian Morning Treat

Baby girl’s so horny for your cunny, Mommy!


This is one for any Mommy out there!! <3


Hey there, Did you try that? Or dream about? I do.



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Strangers at a Bar

Female voice _ I’ve been watching you. You’re so hot, I have to taste you.

Yin Yang Initiation

Male voice _ Black masculine white feminine in a club.

Please Stay The Night

Female voice _ You rescue me from an embarrassing situation.

The Guy at the Bar

Male voice _ What if I was the guy at the bar sitting across from you?

You And I Finally Meet

Male voice _ No longer able to deny our desire, you and I decide to meet.

The Woman On The Subway

Male voice _ I fantasize about the woman I met on the subway last week.


Male voice _ I enter your hotel room in the night while you’re sleeping.

In THe Library

Male voice _ I’m a professor. You’re a student.

We Join The Mile High Club

Male voice _ He makes your plane ride worthwhile.

The Mile High Club

Male voice _ We end up in the bathroom together on the plane

New Year’s Eve Stranger

Male voice _ We meet at a house party and ditch our dates to fuck.

The Club

Fermale voice _ Sex with a stranger in a dark nightclub.

Cooking Class

Male voice _ Cooking class leads to a sexy hook-up between two strangers.

Lea Nights Has a Private Moment

Female voice _ All my housemates are home, so I’ve got to be quiet!

Short Skirts and Quickies

Male voice _ An appetite whetted by a first meeting finally gets sated.


Eliza and AJ had a couple Skype sessions.

Eliza had a threesome (FFM),AJ wanted details.


Everything from best anal to best experience with a female.


In this episode they switch things up but no worries – there are still orgasms, giggling and just plain silliness!


This episode they welcome our first ever special guest. A fellow lady of Lit, emma_the_librarian joins the conversation and…


Talk all about how they found lit, starting pic threads, doing audios and playing.


They address questions submitted by their listeners and followers and talk about fantasies.


They address a letter about masturbation and talk about techniques – what they like, what works for their, finding out they used the same technique early in life. Of course they move on to practicing what they preach!


Emma the Librarian joins them again as they talk about the things that turn them on. Their triggers… porn, words, men in uniform, etc.


Something very special again. I think, imagines has no limits,isn´t it?



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I’ve Been a Disobedient Little Girl

Female voice _ [Frustration][Rule Breaking][Taunting Daddy][English Accent]

Please Daddy

Female voice _ [Choking][Breath Play][Rough Sex][Fsub][Begging][I Want to Slut Myself All over You][I Want Your Marks][Aftercare for Daddy][Enjoying the Afterglow]

Drenched for Daddy

Female voice _ [Wet Sounds][Listening to You Edge Makes Me So Fucking Wet, Daddy][Begging][Teasing Handjob][Sloppy Oral][Gagging][Kitten Talking with Her Mouth Full of Daddy’s Cock]

Oh No, I Would Never Be a Bad Kitty on Purpose, Daddy

Female voice _ [Desperate Public Play][Honey in Cat Ears][Cat Bell][Wet Sounds][Breast Play][Please, Daddy, May I Suck Your Cock][Sloppy Oral][Spanks]

Daddy’s Cream Is the Very Best

Female voice _ [Slow Sloppy Oral][Cream Hungry Kitten][Look at Me Daddy]

Calling Daddy at Work

Female voice _ [Naked Writhing][Whimpers][Being a Good Girl and Telling Daddy Exactly What I Am Doing][Sheet Sounds][Dildo Sucking][Breathy Pretty Pleases]

For Daddy’s Girl 01

Male voice _ true hypno Fantasy with strong inducting trance; do not operate a car or heavy machinery

For Daddy’s Girl 02

Male voice _ Disobedient girls deserve a hard OTK spanking.

Daddy Punishes Daughter

Male voice _ Daddy finds out you weren’t wearing panties.

Daddy Take You to Movies

Male voice _ Daddy sits you on his lap for his special movie.

Daddy Sneaks In

Male voice _ Daddy sneaks in your room.

Family Time

Male voice _ Mommy and Daddy make a baby with their baby.

Daddy’s Home

Male voice _ Daddy has missed his baby girl.

A Loving Sister

Male voice _ My sister left her husband and found comfort in me.

Playtime with Princess

Female voice _ Princess talks to Daddy and then they play.

The Whores of Dracula

Female voice _ Won’t you please be our new master?


I really love bisexual theme and if you are here so you too. Enjoy like me.



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Kim Brings a Bisexual Friend

Male voice _ Kim introduces me to her bi friend Michael.

Ethan’s Reluctant Journey

Female voice _ Ethan discovers Marcus’ cock with the help of Sara and Mina

Ethan’s Wild Ride

Female voice _ This is an extension of a story

An Evening of Bisexual Fun and Games

Male voice _ Friends come for game night and boundaries are explored.

Meet and Greet

Male voice

The Morning After

Male voice _  Deeply sensual, extremely erotic experience for Bi-curious Men.

If You’re Into It…

Female voice _ Baby, I wanna watch you with another guy…if you’re into it.

Larry and Carol — and Me

Male voice _ He finds a new couple for a bisexual threesome.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Male voice _ His favorite couple is moving away.

Down on Dick

Male voice _ His bisexual threesomes turn kinky.

It Was a Great Night, Officer

Male voice _ His bisexual threeway dreams come true.

Frank Delivers

Male voice _ Sequel to “It Was a Great Night, Officer”.

Real Talk: Wild Thoughts

Female voice _ MMFF

Girl’s Night

Female voice _ Fantasies about playtime with the girls and another couple

The Reality vs. The Fantasy

Female voice


Who does not like lesbian action? You and me certainly do.



♡ ♡ ♡


My Perfect Slut

Female voice _ [Gentle Degradation][Pussy Licking][Corruption][Reminiscing]

When The Other Glass Slipper Fell

Female voice _ STRAP IN for a twist you’ll never see cumming.

Adventures with Annie

Female voice _ The start of a sexual relationship with a friend.

Female-Female JOI

Female voice _ Female led JOI for women.

Fuck Your Husbands Mistress

Female voice _ He’s cheating on both of us, let’s hook up and have some fun.

Fornication Compilation

Female voice _ The best way to get rid of writer’s block!


Female voice _ Girl on girl for girls.

Telling My BFF How I Feel About Her

Female voice _ Her boyfriend is out of town, it’s now or never.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Wet

Female voice _ A woman’s life is destroyed by the local mean girl.

Have You Ever Thought About It

Female voice _ Cum for her, Sexy Lady.

You’re My Goddess

Female voice _ Tonight I will worship every curve of your beautiful body.

One Night with Mistress Angel

Female voice _ There’s no submissive Angel here. Tonight I Dominate you

My Mistress, The Puppy

Female voice _ Do you want to be my puppy tonight, Mistress?

Loving Breast Worship

Female voice _ You Sex Goddess you, I can’t get enough of your breasts.

Interview for a Personal Assistant

Female voice _ Sex Starved Boss looking for a Sexy Assistant.

Female Submissive

Something about submissive ladies. Who will teach me?



♡ ♡ ♡

This Body Is Yours

Female voice _ [Fsub][Daddy Worship][I Need to Obey]

My Special Tormentor

Female voice _ [Desperate][Teasing][Fsub][Some Switching][Desire]

You’ll Always Have Me

Female voice _ [Begging][Fsub][Cheating][Fuck My Ass and Say Her Name]

Your Territory

Female voice _ [Fsub][Mark Me][Make Me Yours][Deepthroat][Rough Sex][Spanking]Reflective]

Just Fuck Me

Female voice _ [Fsub][Rough][Dirty talk][Begging]

I’m Such a Little Slut for You

Female voice _ [Fsub][Wet Sounds][Finger Sucking]

Slave Bar

Female voice _ Rebekka’s initiation at The Slave Bar.

Tell Me

Female voice _ Angel takes control of Daddy for just a little bit

The Edge

Female voice _ Where It’s too much…

Yes Sir, Daddy

Female voice _ submission is a new adventure for me

Diva Exposed

Female voice _ My name is Dina and this is my confession

Phone Slut

Female voice _ A conversation between a Dom and a sub.

Ass Virgin No More

Male voice _ you will hear that I became a slave

Selling Her Talents

Male voice _ You are MINE to share.

Cum Rag day 1

Female voice

Rebekka masturbates with her Master’s cum rag.