Playing with ass is one of my favourite. So enjoy these storie like me.



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Look in The Mirror

Female voice _ They watch in the mirror as she is thoroughly pleased.

Black Cock

Female voice _ Rebekka’s encounter with the yard man.

A Little Lesson

Female voice _ Little Bunny learns to take your cock in her ass hole.

Stretch My Ass Out

Female voice _ I know you are the perfect person to help me.

Bar Stool Slut

Female voice _ A bar stool fuck fantasy fulfilled.

I Want Your Anal Virginity

Female voice _ I promise to be gentle.

An Intimate “A” Affair

Male voice _ A sexy intimate recording just for you…with some anal play.

Anal Makes Me Feral

Female voice _ There is something about anal that drives me wild.

Oh The Things You Do

Female voice _ Another AJ masturbation session… I get all sorts of nasty!

All Riled Up

Female voice _ Just another AJ edging and masturbation session.

The Last Guest

Female voice _ Wife confesses rough forced sex with holiday party guest.

Real Talk: Whispers and Orgasms

Female voice _ Can’t cum loud lest I wake the house… but I NEED to cum!

Cum In My Ass

Female voice _ She doesn’t let you fuck here in the ass.

Buy One, Get Me Free

Female voice _ A store promotion you can really take advantage of.

Shy Voicemail Asking for Anal

Female voice _ I’m so glad you didn’t answer!



And somehing for you, guys. I really enjoy watching on gayporn. Those hard dicks,mmm



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How Do You Do It?

Male voice _ Two slave men meet… and more.

Smart Mouth

Male voice _ Students should be felt, not heard

Let’s Get Off Together

Male voice _ This one’s for both the boys and the girls…

Hello, Boys ….

Male voice _ Come and get off with me. It’ll be our secret…

Best Friends Camping

Male voice _ A story about a gay first time between friends.

Shower Time

Male voice _ A beefy gym rat puts a twink in his place in the showers.

The Bear

Male voice _  sensual hypnotic experience for gay men

Getting My Ass Reamed

Male voice _ Listen as he gets his ass reamed (gay male audio).