Sounds of sex


Do You like rimming. I do, very much. Hope you enjoy like me.

Yours Maggie

That First Time…

Female voice _ T. fantasizes about being a virgin’s first play experience.

Taking Your Ass

Female voice _ A pegging story for playing with your ass

Rimming Daddy’s Good Boy

Female voice _ Enough talk: let Daddy eat your ass, boy.

Shake That Ass for Me

Female voice _ Oiling you up and making you tease me so I can take you.

Butt-Slut Pt. 01: One for Every Guy

Female voice _ Dreaming of rimming and jerking a roomful of sexy guys.

Butt-Slut Pt. 02: It’s YOUR Turn

Female voice _ It’s all fair play, right?

Spread ‘Em, Baby

Female voice _ Just let my tongue have its way with you…now, bend over.

T. is a Nasty Girl

Female voice _ So, can I lick you…there?

Thinking of Rimming and Riding You

Female voice _ T. wants to fuck you with her tongue and her pussy.

Audio for Women

And some audio porn stories for us.



♡ ♡ ♡

Don’t Deny Me

Male voice _ Three Simple Words.

rough – sub – male dominant

Fuck That Beautiful Body For Me

Female voice _ I got your perfect pussy a new dildo.

caring – girl on girl – positive – guided masturbation – bisexual female

What I Want

Female voice _ Could you be what I want, miss?

bisexual female

Our First Home

Male voice _ Sweet, Sexy, Fucking.

first time – romantic – sweet sex 

Sex Slave 1

Male voice _ Preparation for rougher things.

rough sex – sub – male dominant 

Sex Slave 2

Male voice _ Again…you are MINE!!

hand cuffs – rough – sub – male dominant 

Submissive Postures 1

Male voice _ Close the blinds, light a candle, undress, then kneel and obey your Master’s voice.

obedience – submission

Submissive Postures 2

Male voice _ More sensual poses for you to explore and enjoy until we can be together again.

Submissive Postures 3

Male voice _ Find a quiet space, listen and play along.

Can I Trust You?

Male voice _ Prove to me I can trust you with my secrets.

spying – voyeur – caught

Pre Show Jitters

Female voice _ Nervous? Come, pet. I’ll soothe you with my pussy.

british female – female orgasm

Sensual Breath Play for Women

Female voice _ Trying my dominant side in a fantasy.

breath play – female orgasm – lesbian – moans

You Need Help Getting To Sleep?

Male voice _ A script depicting a Dom, helping their cheeky girl to sleep.

deep growls – male dominant – orgasm control – sultry whispers – submissive

Out of the Shower

Male voice _ Feeling your freshness.

feels – shower sex

Imagine: The Cottage Dock

Male voice _ He talks you through a relaxing sunset scene.

Masturbation Instructions

I love it and do it very often, sometimes too much maybe 🙂



♡ ♡ ♡


Fantasy for Now, Reality Someday

Female voice _ [Soft-Spoken][Teasing][Big Round Ass in Tight Clothes][Pull My Panties Down][I Know You Want to Fuck Me][Cum Inside Me][Cum on Me][Cum Anywhere You Want]

Creamy Soft Skin

Female voice _ [Whispers][I See How You Look at Me][Stroke for Me][Slow Teasing][Touch My Pale Skin]

Find Me in Your Dreams

Female voice _ [Seduction][Dream Lover][Slow and Relaxing][Sweet][Sensual] Not Quite A [Monologue] But Partly Like An Erotic [Reverie]

Breast Play

Female voice _ [Tit Fuck][Cum over Me][Countdown][JOI]

Moan for Me, With Her Next to You

Female voice _[Cheating][Intimate][Homewrecker Fantasy][Seduction][Sensual][Cum With Me]

The Succubus

Female voice guided masturbation.

Hour-Long Guided Masturbation

Female voice _ Guided masturbation audio for women.

Guided Mastubation

Female voice

Close Your Eyes

Male voice _ Guided masturbation. Just for you Women.


Are you excited about cuckold? I didn not try, but I really want.



♡ ♡ ♡

Introduction to My New Bull

Female voice _ I bring home a new bull to show you exactly how to fuck me.

Watch Him Fuck Me

Female voice

Where is My Money?

Male voice _ Give me my money or your wife!

The Stranger on the Nude Beach

Female voice _ Having fun at a nude beach.

Rising to the Top – Swim Coach

Female voice _ Coach shows off her talents for hubby’s potential new boss.

Newfound Sexy Power

Female voice _ Innocent wife unleashed, discovers primal world of sex.

My DP Fantasy

Female voice _ Your cock in me, her strap-on in me and her husband cuckold.

A Bull Session

Female voice _ I tell you all about how my new bull fucked me.

New Year’s Eve

Female voice

Craving More

Female voice _ I need something bigger than your tiny cock.

Better Than You

Female voice _ Watch this stranger fuck me good.

Plenty of Fish

Male voice _ MILF wants to cuckold.

Cumming in Last – Swim Coach

Female voice _ Coach explains to her husband why he cums after her team.

Cucked By My Tits

Female voice _ You’ll never be satisfied with your girlfriend’s tiny tits.

A Helping Hand – Swim Coach: Ace in the Hole

Female voice _ Coach finds herself ‘helping’ the boys at a Vegas Glory Hole.


Hey there, Did you try that? Or dream about? I do.



♡ ♡ ♡

Strangers at a Bar

Female voice _ I’ve been watching you. You’re so hot, I have to taste you.

Yin Yang Initiation

Male voice _ Black masculine white feminine in a club.

Please Stay The Night

Female voice _ You rescue me from an embarrassing situation.

The Guy at the Bar

Male voice _ What if I was the guy at the bar sitting across from you?

You And I Finally Meet

Male voice _ No longer able to deny our desire, you and I decide to meet.

The Woman On The Subway

Male voice _ I fantasize about the woman I met on the subway last week.


Male voice _ I enter your hotel room in the night while you’re sleeping.

In THe Library

Male voice _ I’m a professor. You’re a student.

We Join The Mile High Club

Male voice _ He makes your plane ride worthwhile.

The Mile High Club

Male voice _ We end up in the bathroom together on the plane

New Year’s Eve Stranger

Male voice _ We meet at a house party and ditch our dates to fuck.

The Club

Fermale voice _ Sex with a stranger in a dark nightclub.

Cooking Class

Male voice _ Cooking class leads to a sexy hook-up between two strangers.

Lea Nights Has a Private Moment

Female voice _ All my housemates are home, so I’ve got to be quiet!

Short Skirts and Quickies

Male voice _ An appetite whetted by a first meeting finally gets sated.


Something very special again. I think, imagines has no limits,isn´t it?



♡ ♡ ♡


I’ve Been a Disobedient Little Girl

Female voice _ [Frustration][Rule Breaking][Taunting Daddy][English Accent]

Please Daddy

Female voice _ [Choking][Breath Play][Rough Sex][Fsub][Begging][I Want to Slut Myself All over You][I Want Your Marks][Aftercare for Daddy][Enjoying the Afterglow]

Drenched for Daddy

Female voice _ [Wet Sounds][Listening to You Edge Makes Me So Fucking Wet, Daddy][Begging][Teasing Handjob][Sloppy Oral][Gagging][Kitten Talking with Her Mouth Full of Daddy’s Cock]

Oh No, I Would Never Be a Bad Kitty on Purpose, Daddy

Female voice _ [Desperate Public Play][Honey in Cat Ears][Cat Bell][Wet Sounds][Breast Play][Please, Daddy, May I Suck Your Cock][Sloppy Oral][Spanks]

Daddy’s Cream Is the Very Best

Female voice _ [Slow Sloppy Oral][Cream Hungry Kitten][Look at Me Daddy]

Calling Daddy at Work

Female voice _ [Naked Writhing][Whimpers][Being a Good Girl and Telling Daddy Exactly What I Am Doing][Sheet Sounds][Dildo Sucking][Breathy Pretty Pleases]

For Daddy’s Girl 01

Male voice _ true hypno Fantasy with strong inducting trance; do not operate a car or heavy machinery

For Daddy’s Girl 02

Male voice _ Disobedient girls deserve a hard OTK spanking.

Daddy Punishes Daughter

Male voice _ Daddy finds out you weren’t wearing panties.

Daddy Take You to Movies

Male voice _ Daddy sits you on his lap for his special movie.

Daddy Sneaks In

Male voice _ Daddy sneaks in your room.

Family Time

Male voice _ Mommy and Daddy make a baby with their baby.

Daddy’s Home

Male voice _ Daddy has missed his baby girl.

A Loving Sister

Male voice _ My sister left her husband and found comfort in me.

Playtime with Princess

Female voice _ Princess talks to Daddy and then they play.

The Whores of Dracula

Female voice _ Won’t you please be our new master?


I really love bisexual theme and if you are here so you too. Enjoy like me.



♡ ♡ ♡

Kim Brings a Bisexual Friend

Male voice _ Kim introduces me to her bi friend Michael.

Ethan’s Reluctant Journey

Female voice _ Ethan discovers Marcus’ cock with the help of Sara and Mina

Ethan’s Wild Ride

Female voice _ This is an extension of a story

An Evening of Bisexual Fun and Games

Male voice _ Friends come for game night and boundaries are explored.

Meet and Greet

Male voice

The Morning After

Male voice _  Deeply sensual, extremely erotic experience for Bi-curious Men.

If You’re Into It…

Female voice _ Baby, I wanna watch you with another guy…if you’re into it.

Larry and Carol — and Me

Male voice _ He finds a new couple for a bisexual threesome.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Male voice _ His favorite couple is moving away.

Down on Dick

Male voice _ His bisexual threesomes turn kinky.

It Was a Great Night, Officer

Male voice _ His bisexual threeway dreams come true.

Frank Delivers

Male voice _ Sequel to “It Was a Great Night, Officer”.

Real Talk: Wild Thoughts

Female voice _ MMFF

Girl’s Night

Female voice _ Fantasies about playtime with the girls and another couple

The Reality vs. The Fantasy

Female voice

Female Submissive

Something about submissive ladies. Who will teach me?



♡ ♡ ♡

This Body Is Yours

Female voice _ [Fsub][Daddy Worship][I Need to Obey]

My Special Tormentor

Female voice _ [Desperate][Teasing][Fsub][Some Switching][Desire]

You’ll Always Have Me

Female voice _ [Begging][Fsub][Cheating][Fuck My Ass and Say Her Name]

Your Territory

Female voice _ [Fsub][Mark Me][Make Me Yours][Deepthroat][Rough Sex][Spanking]Reflective]

Just Fuck Me

Female voice _ [Fsub][Rough][Dirty talk][Begging]

I’m Such a Little Slut for You

Female voice _ [Fsub][Wet Sounds][Finger Sucking]

Slave Bar

Female voice _ Rebekka’s initiation at The Slave Bar.

Tell Me

Female voice _ Angel takes control of Daddy for just a little bit

The Edge

Female voice _ Where It’s too much…

Yes Sir, Daddy

Female voice _ submission is a new adventure for me

Diva Exposed

Female voice _ My name is Dina and this is my confession

Phone Slut

Female voice _ A conversation between a Dom and a sub.

Ass Virgin No More

Male voice _ you will hear that I became a slave

Selling Her Talents

Male voice _ You are MINE to share.

Cum Rag day 1

Female voice

Rebekka masturbates with her Master’s cum rag.