It’s still a pleasure to look at her: Monica Bellucci’s (55) and her murderous neckline


Legendary Monica Bellucci (55) began her career as a model for the Dior or Dolce & Gabbana brands before she started acting. And it remains loyal to Italian designers.


During the Paris Fashion Week, Christian Louboutin wore a blazer from the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house, which highlighted her exuberant beutiful boobs.


No wonder that even younger men still want her. Monica has been dating Nicolas Lefebvre (37), a sculptor and former model whom she has been affiliated with since 2017, according to the Daily Mail.


Lefebvre is her first acquaintance with her since she broke up with actor Vincent Cassel (53). She was married to him in 1999-2013 and they have daughters Deva (15) and Léonie (9). In 2018, Cassel remarried with model Tina Kunakey, who gave him another daughter, Amazonia, a year later.


Bellucci confirmed the relationship only last year. Although she did not name her partner, she admitted that she has been dating for a long time and that their relationship is going well. “If you get married twice and divorce, it will make you think before you dive into something else. You are trying to understand why it happened first, ”said the actress in one of the interviews. She was first married to fashion photographer Claudio Carlos Bass in 1990-1994. ■



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