I really love to do oral and recieve as well from both males or females. These audio porn stories are make me really hot.

With love


♡ ♡ ♡


Giving a Cock Addict What She Needs

Female voice_[Cock Worship][Begging for Cum][Slurping][Sloppy Oral][Whimpers][Swallowing][Not Wasting a Drop]

Say My Name

Female voice _[Sloppy Oral][Teasing][Handjob][Face Fucking][Gagging][Swallowing][Accidental Succubus][English Accent]

Slathered in Honey

Female voice _ [Sloppy Oral][Cock Worship][Whispers][Succubus]

Orally Yours

Female voice _ [I Have Been Thinking About This All Day][Sloppy Oral][Gagging]

Let Me Worship You

Female voice_ [Handjob][Sloppy Oral][Cock Worship][Whispers][Swallowing][Cum down My Throat][Gagging][Cock Addiction Is a Messy Thing]

My Wicked Oral Fixation

Female voice _ [Wet Sounds][Sloppy Oral][Gagging][Please, Please, PLEASE May I Suck Your Cock]

Hungry For You

Female voice _ [Cock Worship][Sloppy Oral][Gagging][Swallowing][Whispers][Cum Addiction][Oral Fixation][English Accent]

Honey Throat

Female voice _ [Sloppy Messy Oral][Gagging][I Want to Please You][You’re Making a Slutty Dirty Mess of Me][Your Want Me to Wear My Glasses]

Give in to Me

Female voice _  [Whispers][Oral Seduction][Surrender to the Pleasure of My Lips][Sloppy Oral][Binaural Recording][Swallowing][Cock Worship]

English Honey

Female voice _[Whispers][Sloppy Oral][Wrapping My English Accent Around Your Cock][Teasing Cock Worship][Begging][Slow Like Honey]


Female voice _ [Whispers][Oral][ASMR][English Accent]

Your Honeyed Cock Slut

Female voice _ [Sloppy Oral][Cock Worship][Gagging][Binaural Recording]

Call Me Yours

Female voice _ [Fsub][Breathplay][Choking][Begging][Sloppy Oral][Gagging][Swallowing][Use Me][Own Me][English Accent]