This will be a pretty sexy video: Singer Selena Gomez won’t have a bra in it



With her latest album, Selena Gomez (27) got on the top of the Billboard charts and after the first very intimate and black-and-white video clip she started filming another.


This time it will probably be more cheerful, because she showed up on the filming where she was caught by the paparazzi in a tight-fitting golden dress with a free back. The young singer will be without a bra, and it will certainly attract many male viewers.


Selena recently returned to comment on her most fundamental relationship with singer Justin Bieber (25) and the success of Lose Yout To Love Me, which was about him: “I am very proud of the song. I felt like I didn’t close it properly, and I needed to say what I had to say. It was very complicated and I’m glad it’s over. ”




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