One of my favourite series by LushinLace. There are a few cuckold editions in swimcoach. I love them.



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#01 Helping Hand

A good coach always goes the extra mile for her students. When a long, thick and growing problem arises for her star swimmer, she’ll do anything, to save the day…. anything!

#02 The Confession

When my husband discovers cum on my face after staying late to lend one of my star swimmers ‘A Helping Hand’, he demands to know how it got there…I never expected him to get hard listening to the explicit details.

#03 Taking One For the Team

Once again, coach is called upon to help a student in need…..

#04 Stroke It For Me

Last time she worked late, our sexy swim coach promised her husband a reward, but is he really deserving of it after the stunt he pulled this afternoon?

#05 Clearing His Head

The newest member of the team can’t seem to focus. Thankfully coach is around to help him clear his head and in return he finally gives her exactly what she needs.

#06 Surprise, Surprise

Coach promised her husband a surprise when he got home from the party, but he never expected such a big one.

#07 Strip Search

Coach’s first trip to Las Vegas proves to be more than she bargained for, and she hasn’t even left the airport yet! With her devilish students on their own in Sin City, coach must do whatever it takes to clear customs quickly and keep an eye on her boys.

#08 Ace in the Hole

Coach finds herself ‘helping’ a number of her boys at a Vegas glory hole in order to keep them out of trouble. Hope you all can handle it…

#09 Double Down

While still in Las Vegas, coach learns a little more than expected from the ‘identical’ twins on her team.

#10 Keep Stroking

After the team’s trip to Vegas, coach is very optimistic about their chances of winning at the upcoming finals. But that soon changes when one team member threatens to quit if coach doesn’t give him a little extra help with his strokes.

#11 Cumming in Last

Coach explains to her husband why he cums last after her swim students.

#12 Subbing In

With the National Championship just one day away, coach needs to ensure her substitutes are just as focused as the rest of the team.

#13 Rising to the Top

Coach really wants her husband to get a promotion. But sadly, he isn’t making a good impression on his potential new boss – Mr. Holland. It’s a good thing coach has many ‘talents’ she can use to convince Mr. Holland that there are perks to promoting her husband that he never would have imagined.

Better Than Your Wife

Female voice


The guilt is killing you. You need to be faithful to your wife. Today was the day you were going to end things with your naughty slut. But maybe what you really need is a vivid reminder of all the things I do for you that she doesn’t?


02: While Your Wife’s Sleeping

It’s another one of those nights when you’re lying awake in bed, hard and horny and missing me. You can’t help listening to my voice, encouraging you to masturbate, while your wife sleeps beside you.


03: The Beginning

As I remember the day I first corrupted you – the day you learned that I was truly…Better Than Your Wife


04: Breaking You

You tried to be such a good husband, even after that first time I’d sucked your cock. But a good slut doesn’t give up easily.


05: All You Want

You’re finally beginning to realize what a lucky man you are to have your very own slut like me to play with. I’m not like other girls. I’m so much naughtier and so much easier to please, because all I want is your cock, especially on those nights when your wife is asleep beside you.


06: While Your Wife’s Away

I get to play with you as much as I want while your wife’s away. That means I don’t stop, even when she calls to check up on you.


07: Why I’m Yours

Sometimes you wonder what a perfect slut like me sees in you. Let me remind you why I’m yours…


08: Addicted

You’re a bit nervous that your wife might suspect that I’m addicted to your cock. Don’t worry babe, she’s clueless.


09: Oblivious

Your wife has no clue I’m the one satisfying her husband’s cock. She’s oblivious, even when we sneak away to fuck right under her nose.

The Princess and the Porn

Female voice

The Princess and The Porn 01

T. settles in to a new porn that reminds her a lot of herself… an enthusiastic, horny MILF who’s naughtiest desire is to be fucked by five men. T watches as one by one, each of these guys meet and fuck this woman senseless…. describing and making herself cum to the images.

The Princess and The Porn 02

T. Continues to make herself cum watching one woman take five gorgeous dicks in various ways…

The Princess and The Porn 03

T. watches a movie about sexy MILFs as she was asked for a series of “first time” audios, and the idea of playing with someone significantly younger than her had honestly never been on her radar. But the movie definitely gives her a few ideas!

Movie: Evil Angel OnDemand, Evil MILFs 3 Naughty Stepmoms

The Princess and The Porn 04

(Movie: Evil Angel OnDemand, Evil MILFs 3 Naughty Stepmoms)

Continuation of age differences in the bedroom. T can’t help but give genuine thoughts to the idea of either seducing or being seduced by a younger partner. More orgasms just watching…

The Princess and The Porn 05

T. discusses Role Play in the bedroom and LARPing in the real world while watching Evil MILFs 3: Naughty Stepmoms on Evil Angel adult PPV channel.

The Princess and The Porn 06

Movie: Evil Angel’s Daddy Step-Daughter First Time Squirters 2

Running commentary, that “Daddy” title, squirting and toys.


Eliza and AJ had a couple Skype sessions.

Eliza had a threesome (FFM),AJ wanted details.


Everything from best anal to best experience with a female.


In this episode they switch things up but no worries – there are still orgasms, giggling and just plain silliness!


This episode they welcome our first ever special guest. A fellow lady of Lit, emma_the_librarian joins the conversation and…


Talk all about how they found lit, starting pic threads, doing audios and playing.


They address questions submitted by their listeners and followers and talk about fantasies.


They address a letter about masturbation and talk about techniques – what they like, what works for their, finding out they used the same technique early in life. Of course they move on to practicing what they preach!


Emma the Librarian joins them again as they talk about the things that turn them on. Their triggers… porn, words, men in uniform, etc.