6 of the hottest moments from this year’s Super Bowl: The Jennifer Lopez and Shakira show was definitely nothing for cardiac!


Nobody doubted the show at this year’s Super Bowl ever since it was announced that Shakira (43) and Jennifer Lopez (50) were in charge. Latin American beauties dominated the half-time and performed a hellish hot show.



Shakira prepared for her viewers a mix of her greatest hits, which she accompanied with a wild belly dance, as she is after all customary. In her red suit she was shaking her strengths, and she even started it on an electric guitar.


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And I’m like… Mood #superbowl

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Shakira was replaced by JLo, who started her part of the show in black costume. Even in it, she shook her buttocks properly before stripping into an even more daring outfit.


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Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl

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Then, in a silver costume, she climbed a pole where she writhed. The pole dance lessons she attended for movie Hustlers were pretty useful to her. The dance show was as precise as ever, but the greatest ovation was received by the ladies when they were on stage together.



Shakira rejoined her colleague and even accompanied her on drums during Let’s Get Loud. His daughter Jennifer Emme (11) also helped with singing.



Dressed in gold and silver, the singer was shaking the background together so violently that it was breathless at the sight of them. If you are not weak at heart, see for yourself in videos.



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