Male Submissive

I always wanted some submissive men. Still noone 🙁



♡ ♡ ♡


You Belong To Me Now

Female voice _ [FDom][Kidnapping][Forced][Sweet to Psycho][Rape][Pet Play][Punishment][English Accent]

You Think You’re In Control

Female voice _ [FDom][Switch][Using You][Making You Lose Control][Forced Orgasms][Teasing][Making You Fuck Me Just How I Want][Predator]

The Pet and the Princess Plug

Female voice _ You greet me naked and on your knees

Feeling Bossy

Female voice _ Want to take some orders?

Feeling Bossy 2

Female voice _ Want to take some orders?

Feeling Bossy 3

Female voice _ Want to take some orders?

Feeling Bossy 4

Female voice _ This one is more in the line of a descriptive fantasy than guided masturbation.

Feeling Bossy 5

Female voice

Feeling Bossy 6

Female voice _ Want to take some orders?

Slutty GF Boss

Male voice

Mistress Demands Me to Pleasure Her

Male voice _ some naughty licking

You. Serve. Me.

Female voice _ Uncomfortable sitting on that butt plug, are you?


Male voice _ Please, I just want to get off.

Telephone Sex with Her Boyfriend

Female voice _ She dominates him during a telephone call.

English Sub Boy and Your Feet

Male voice _ He wants only to make you feel wonderful.

Female Submissive

Something about submissive ladies. Who will teach me?



♡ ♡ ♡

This Body Is Yours

Female voice _ [Fsub][Daddy Worship][I Need to Obey]

My Special Tormentor

Female voice _ [Desperate][Teasing][Fsub][Some Switching][Desire]

You’ll Always Have Me

Female voice _ [Begging][Fsub][Cheating][Fuck My Ass and Say Her Name]

Your Territory

Female voice _ [Fsub][Mark Me][Make Me Yours][Deepthroat][Rough Sex][Spanking]Reflective]

Just Fuck Me

Female voice _ [Fsub][Rough][Dirty talk][Begging]

I’m Such a Little Slut for You

Female voice _ [Fsub][Wet Sounds][Finger Sucking]

Slave Bar

Female voice _ Rebekka’s initiation at The Slave Bar.

Tell Me

Female voice _ Angel takes control of Daddy for just a little bit

The Edge

Female voice _ Where It’s too much…

Yes Sir, Daddy

Female voice _ submission is a new adventure for me

Diva Exposed

Female voice _ My name is Dina and this is my confession

Phone Slut

Female voice _ A conversation between a Dom and a sub.

Ass Virgin No More

Male voice _ you will hear that I became a slave

Selling Her Talents

Male voice _ You are MINE to share.

Cum Rag day 1

Female voice

Rebekka masturbates with her Master’s cum rag.